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DogTrace - Compact Trainers

DogTrace - Compact Trainers
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DogTrace - Compact Trainers
DogTrace - Compact Trainers

The electronic training collars d-control 500, 900 and 1500 mini are suitable for all dog breeds and sizes but ideal for small breeds or owners of larger breeds that want a compact or discreet collar. Thanks to their ranges of 500, 900 or 1500 m and thirty different stimulation levels, these models are convenient for both pet owners and for professional sport, police and hunting training. It is also possible to choose between the momentary and continuous stimulation and you can train two dogs at once (with additional collar purchase).


  • mini receiver
  • range 500, 900 or 1500m
  • momentary (nick) stimulation
  • continuous stimulation
  • booster
  • 30 stimulation levels
  • expands to train two dogs
  • backlit LCD display
  • waterproof receiver
  • belt clip
  • carrying case


  • dimensions: 118 x 52 x 32 mm
  • weight: 136 to 156 g (without batteries)
  • power supply: 2x AA 1,5V
  • battery life: up to 12 months
  • expands to train two dogs


  • waterproof
  • weight: 44 g (without battery)
  • dimensions: 60 x 38 x 28 mm
  • power supply: CR2 3V
  • battery life: up to 6 months
Product Name: DogTrace D-Control Mini 500/900/1500

RRP: £199.00
Our price: £149.99
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Customer Reviews

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Reviewer: J C Heyes from Colchester   5 Stars
Thanks for the email........my collar arrived safely and is totally AMAZING...I have a working cocker spaniel who would not come back when called ...he is already 100% reliable now and I only use the bleep !!! ...its miraculous ..........I believe my neighbours have now ordered one from you. Thanks again

Reviewer: Helenb2910 from Ludlow   5 Stars
We wanted to share how pleased we are with our Dog Trace Mini collar. As the owner of a 2 ½ year old whippet we knew we had to be one step ahead of her when out on walks. We had persevered with the positive reward dog training and she understood ALL of the commands. Her recall could be excellent and very speedy, when not distracted. However…. Add a squirrel, rabbit, pheasant or flying buzzard for that matter and we were fighting a losing battle. She was totally deaf to us as the red mist descended; obstacles and gates were not there to stop her chasing her quarry, they were purely a practice at her agility skills. Every walk had become a hunting expedition especially after she had some success at hunting down some rabbits (all very gruesome). She would go off on her own and hardly pay us any attention until it was time to go home and have something to eat. Many a time I was left bellowing across a windy field to get her attention. Her behaviour around livestock was also worryingly unpredictable. Even when on the lead she would abruptly launch at sheep to make them run, just because she could. Then earlier this year when visiting friends she took it upon herself to jump a dry stone wall and round up 20 plus feisty bullocks – an experience I never wish to repeat and one she nearly didn’t survive. The final straw for us was while enjoying a peaceful walk on a Shropshire hillside. We came upon some sheep with young lambs (I must stress she was on a lead). Totally unprovoked and with no obvious warning, she decided that the lamb was about the same size as a large rabbit and grabbed it. Thankfully the lamb lived to share the tale with its lamby pals. But for us it was the realisation that we were surrounded by fields full of sheep and lambs, and what would happen if she decided to pay them a visit when we weren’t in the garden to watch her? Before taking the plunge I did lots research about the e-collars, I watched Youtube training videos and read the debate about the pros and cons of such a training tool. I was still very hesitant about it as my worry was always – will this hurt my dog? Could it make the situation worse? I was also nervous about telling my dog owning friends as I found that the perception of e-collars is that they are there to hurt your dog, which thankfully they do not. All I can say is – I wish we had bought this 18 months ago! I won’t say I found it anything but nerve wracking pressing that correction button for the first time. I won’t say I got it 100% right first time either (when your heart is racing or your fingers feel like sausages). But, after working with her and using positive rewards, we are now owners of a reformed whippet. After a matter of weeks we can now walk quietly and calmly through a field of sheep and lambs with her off of the lead – a total miracle! Even if they run away or rush past her she will just watch them or come back to stand with us. She now appears to have the respect she should have around livestock. Following some further training work her recall has improved no end. Recently we brought her back from chasing a cat in the field and even her nemesis: a squirrel! We still have some training to do in different situations, but recent results have been so positive that I believe she will need just the commands rather than any type of correction. She just seems to listen and watch us more. She also seems more relaxed on our walks as they are no longer the hunting expeditions they once were and she tends to stick around us. She still loves her mad sprints around the fields and the garden at top speed, but these are now around us rather than in the opposite direction after something furry. A benefit I hadn’t even considered was how much better she looks in herself now that she is calmer. This has also been noticed by fellow doggy walking friends. I did consider returning the collar under the 10 week return option, but as we still have some untested situations I think this is a training aid that we will be holding onto. Thanks