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We can help you choose the right product to suit your dog. Our resident trainer can advise you on training and management to ensure that you and your dog understand each other and that training is made easy. This advice is based on many years of experience in training dogs both with and without the modern training aids.

You can be sure that our products are tried and tested. Once we are happy with a product we buy in bulk to achieve the best price and we pass on our savings to guarantee that you get the best product at the lowest price. Sometimes our competitors choose products or certain times to undercut our prices but please be assured that we will not be beaten, try us, we WILL offer you the best deal as well as excellent after sales service.

Training your dog should be enjoyable and rewarding but sadly for many owners it is a frustrating and stressful exercise. Dog training can develop a bond between you and your dog that is truly amazing but often it starts badly and can just get worse. Dogs must have boundaries if they are to be a loyal and devoted companion so they must respect you as the pack leader. This is not only important for control issues but it is also vital that you offer your dog a strong, secure home so they can feel settled and confident in your ability to look after them.