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The Dog Goodies team can help you choose the right product to suit your dog. Our resident trainer can advise you on training and management to ensure that you and your dog understand each other and that training is made easy. This advice is based on many years of experience in training dogs both with and without the modern training aids.
You can be sure that our products are tried and tested. Once we are happy with a product we buy in bulk to achieve the best price and we pass on our savings to guarantee that you get the best product at the lowest price. Sometimes our competitors choose products or certain times to undercut our prices but please be assured that we will not be beaten, try us, we WILL offer you the best deal as well as our excellent after sales service.
Training your dog should be enjoyable and rewarding but sadly for many owners it is a frustrating and stressful exercise. Dog training can develop a bond between you and your dog that is truly amazing but often it starts badly and can just get worse. Dogs must have boundaries if they are to be a loyal and devoted companion they must respect you as the pack leader. This is not only important for control issues but it is also vital that you offer your dog a strong, secure home so they can feel settled and confident in your ability to look after them.

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anti bark collar


A barking dog can become quite a nuisance if they fail to respond to your training methods. If you have a dog that loves to bark at every opportunity then an anti bark collar could be the solution. Place an anti bark collar on your wayward pet and they`ll soon learn how to behave in a dignified manner. There are a number of anti bark collar types to choose from and they all can provide great results. Fit an anti bark collar and it can prove to be highly effective when you are teaching a dog how to behave properly. Secure the anti bark collar around your dog`s neck and you can control it from a remote location. An initial vibration warning can be sent to the dog when it first begins to bark. If the dog fails to stop a series of static corrections can be sent which will soon have them responding more favourably to your commands. After a short while you can send vibration warnings and the dog will recognise them. They won`t want a static correction so they`ll stop their barking and you`ll be able to take them for a walk without coming home with a headache.


dog training collar


Does your Dalmatian drive you dotty by her constant barking and would you like your Westie to stop speaking for just a minute? Can your collie chat for hours and is your boxer becoming hoarse because it persists in barking at all hours? If you have a badly behaved Bulldog there are certain solutions around that are designed to help show him the error of his ways. A dog training collar can be used to good effect and it will soon have your hound under your control. Don`t worry if you think the dog training collar will hurt your dog as they are intended to improve behaviour without causing any pain. In fact, you can buy a dog training collar that gives our remote controlled sprays every time the dog misbehaves. If your dog fails to react to your command you can remotely set off a short spray form the dog training collar. After this has been used a number of times the dog will soon start to learn about the difference between good and bad behaviour. Jack Russells that bark when the postman drops his letters will soon learn to keep quiet when the dog training collar is put to good use.


electric dog collar


Dogs that constantly bark can drive their owners mad and when training has failed to cure the problem, gadgets can be brought in to help. Items like an electric dog collar can be used and they are perfect for teaching dogs the error of their ways. Suppose you are out taking you dog for his daily walk and he just won`t stop barking along the way? Fit an electric dog collar around his neck and you can remotely control it to curb his bad behaviour. The electric dog collar actually uses a vibration warning first and if the bad behaviour persists static corrections can be made. In a short space of time the dog will understand the vibration warnings and will stop behaving badly before static corrections have to be made. As correctional aids go the electric dog collar is great and it gets proven results time after time. You can operate the electric dog collar whilst you are quite a distance away so they are perfect for field applications. You might have the largest of mongrels or the smallest of poodles it doesn`t make any difference as the electric dog collar can be tailored to fit all breeds. Barking dogs can be brought back into line when they have an electric dog collar around their necks.


dog fences


Dogs are great fun, they`re playful and inquisitive – qualities that can sometimes get them into trouble or even lost. Many people choose to have a dog as a family pet and invest heavily in them. Food, vets bills and grooming do not come cheap. The last thing you need is for your beloved family pet to wander off from home when it is not being watched. Who knows where it could go and if it will ever come home again? For this reason many people choose to erect dog fences as boundaries around their properties. Dog fences traditionally had to be tall enough to repel a jumping dog and sturdy enough to withstand persistent barging and bumping. This could make them look ugly and ungainly. Modern technology has lead to the invention of electric dog fences that are invisible to the human eye. They work through a combination of a buried electrical wire that transmits a radio signal and a receiver fitted to the dog`s collar. When the dog wanders towards the fence a corrective signal is sent by the collar to the dog.


electric dog fence


Dogs are a very popular animal to keep throughout the world as both a pet and a working animal. They come in many different breeds and sizes many have been selectively bred for many years to enhance certain characteristics. Even though dogs can be trained to respond well to voice signals not everybody can watch over and control their dog all day. An electric dog fence provides an excellent solution to keeping a dog within a boundary and behaving itself, even when the owner is not watching. Many electric dog fence models work by transmitting a radio signal through a buried wire that marks the boundaries of the area in which the dog is allowed to roam. The dog is fitted with a collar receiver and when the dog approaches a boundary it is given a quick harmless correction signal from the collar. This does not harm the dog in any way, but does discourage the dog from trying to wander outside the electric dog fence again. These fences are ideal where traditional above ground fences cannot be used for some reason.


invisible dog fence


If you have a pet dog at home who likes to roam then you`ll know what a potential problem they can be. Many dogs are inquisitive and love to wander away from their owners. If you`re with your dog and watching it carefully then a quick corrective shout or whistle will probably be enough to bring the dog bounding back towards you. However not everybody can watch their pet all the time. Many people choose to erect large fences and gates, tall enough to keep their beloved dog safe within the boundaries of their property, but for some this is not an option. Perhaps this could be because they live in rented property. For these people an invisible dog fence is the best option. An invisible dog fence works by burying a wire underground that can transmit a radio signal. This radio signal is picked up by an invisible dog fence receiver around the dog`s collar. When the dog tries to wander beyond the boundaries marked by the buried wire the collar will react and send the dog a corrective signal. This does not harm the dog but discourages it from trying to wander beyond its boundaries again.